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Specificity of tourist trips with animals and accommodation in pet friendly hotels.

Тема работы: Specificity of tourist trips with animals and accommodation in pet friendly hotels.
Предметная область: Дипломная работа, Гостиничная индустрия
Краткое содержание:


Introduction 3

Chapter 1. Specificity of tourist travel with pets 3

1.1. Statistics of travelling with pets 3

1.2. Pets transportation 3

1.3. Travelling with Pets in Russia 3

1.4. Problems of traveling with pets 3

Chapter II. Analysis of pet friendly hotels in Russia 3

2.1. Specifics of pet friendly hotels 3

2.2. Russian pet friendly hotels 3

2.3. Pet friendly hotels in Chelyabinsk 3

Conclusion 3

List of sources 3

Описание работы:


In our days, business related to pets is steadily consolidated among the most profitable projects. People's needs for resting with pets are growing. This explains the relevance of such hotels, where people can live with animals. When people are going to travel the problem arrives where they can stay with animals without problems. Not every hotel doesn’t allow to owners of pets stay. This is very important to care about our pets and do not stay our animals without attention. In many large cities and countries several such hotels are already functioning. They have special equipment for pets, the place where they can sleep, eat. Special employee who can walk with pets. The industry, oriented to providing services for animals, is evolving day by day: hairdressers for animals, clothes for animals, veterinary clinics.

A lot of things have been written about tourist formalities concerning the transportation of animals, but some available information is not isolated by a separate type of formalities and has only a small amount of specifics. "Certain restrictions exist for the import and export of small domestic animals, such as dogs, cats. This is especially true for elite pets.

But nevertheless it is possible to find authors who paid more attention and stopped on consideration of this issue: "For exportation of animals, the following documents are required:

• a veterinary certificate (Veterinary Health Certificate), which is valid for 24 hours from the date of entry;

• confirmation of vaccination against rabies, which is valid for 9 months from the 10th day from the date of vaccination.


• consider the specifics of tourist trips with animals;

• offer special services for the care of animals outside the home


• Primary sources

Searching the websites and books

• Secondary sources

Survey about needs of the customers who travel with animals

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